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Khmer Kozukuri Hajimechaimashita!? - Pripara Tinder

(C91) [そらみみ (Mytyl)] 子作り始めちゃいました!? (プリパラ)


Parodies: Pripara (94)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
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#203892 - What a day! It felt good just to not have to move! She was startled when the door to the bathroom door literally burst open as her mother hurriedly plopped down on the john and let loose with a audible sigh as a river of hot pee gushed from her pussy. It wasn't exactly her mother's pussy that had drawn the eighteen year olds attention, it was more what was attached to it! Mom, can I ask you a question, Cindy asked softly? Why sure, dear, the older woman replied while tugging her bikini panties over her hips, ask away! Well, uh, Cindy stumbled, it's just that I was wondering about your, you know, your ring! Marilyn Case looked down at her pretty young daughter, and in a subdued voice asked softly, And which ring would that be? With her face and pert breasts flushing red Cindy replied almost inaudibly, You know, the one down there, on your vagina! Instead of pulling up her slacks, Marilyn left them down around her ankles while answering gently, Well, what i

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