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#94367 - After 3 more orgasms Diep tried to squirm off the bed but the 51 year old grandmother held her down for the remaining 7 minutes which enabled Mai to wring another 9 orgasms from the twitching, out of control screaming teenager. Again, unlike most Viet who use a hard padded Asian bra, hers was soft and her hard nipples pushed at her silk cross over top that cradled her large, for her slim frame, tits with a gold crucifix dangling between and left her shoulders and the top of her back uncovered. All self respect gone Yen whimpered and managed to get out the words in a coherent manner Gotta cum, please, please pleeeeeeeeeease make me cum Triumphantly Sang fisted Yen's arse and rapidly used her other hand to bring a prolonged quavering moan of orgasm from Yen before she pulled her fist from her and allowed Yen to collapse on the bed.

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