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#78159 - Hearing Cameron’s story actually turned me on a bit a girl with a penis that’s hot I thought but I asked him or her or it whatever this person identifies as will I still get pregnant from their cum Cameron told me that’s the good part of being trans she is pretty much shooting blanks she can fill me up with so much cum and not have to worry about being pregnant I was so amazed and hungry for this persons cum now knowing I didn’t have to worry about being pregnant judging by the rising erection under the sheets Cameron to was getting horny due to the flow of this conversation. Cameron parted my legs and pushed my head up and latched her teeth on my neck feeling something long and hard inside me pushing deeper than anything else has been inside me it was almost inside my cervix I could feel the tip brush against it as it thrusted inside me It didn’t take me long to realise I was getting fucked Cameron withdrew all the way out of me then slammed right back into me pounding me hard so ha

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