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#246463 - 30pm the drinking began straight away, Jay put on a porno film for us to watch then we were stripped sitting discussing our sex exploits since we last saw each other, Jay found me feeding my wife’s friends my cum horny and began wanking his cock harder then he told me how he liked to wank himself while in a queue or busy train and shoot his cum over the woman in front of him which had us both wanking faster but what he liked hearing was when people l decorated for would go out so l would go through the woman’s and daughters knicker drawers. I have a cousin named Gloria who is 2yrs younger than me, she had a crush on me when we were in our early teens, l hadn’t seen her for a few years then at a family wedding she was there with her boyfriend, we got chatting and a while later she came to find me to dance, she was also worst for drink so l took advantage of the situation. Jay then let out a loud ‘oh yeah’ and held Dawn tight onto his cock, he was obviously filling his sister with crea

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