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#92903 - Justin leans out of the kiss and looks at my bare chest and smilies, I try to leave and go someplace else close my eyes, but he slap's my cheek and grips my jaw so I can look into his eye's your a much better kisser Nikki but you can't deny that Cassie has better boob's then you, she's got to be like an 8E your 8D are wonderful too though He slides his knife down my stomach  to underneath the side's of my pantie's while he say's so I guess it's up to whatever is going on down here to make up my mind  with that he had cut my pantie's loose and I was completely naked. Once outside the door I start to attempt to un-pry his hand from upper arm, finding this useless I start to pound my fist on his arm and repeat let me go, take your hand of me In the hope that someone might come to my aid, after about five minutes's of this Tyler turn's to me with a feared look in his eyes SHUT UP he tells me loudly, me berth quic

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