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#204485 - Although Billy was drunk, but he had overpowered me, he was so big in size, as I have mentioned earlier, he pushed me to the wall of our living room and started kissing me, I felt his hand going in between my legs, till he found my bare pussy and started rubbing it, while kissing me passionately on the lips, I felt as if I was losing control over my own body, that action by my own son was making me horny, and my pussy betrayed me by becoming runny wet. I found myself staring closely while walking closer and closer till his cock was in full display for my own eyes, I was looking without shame, although it was wrong and very bad of me, but I could not help it, especially after the rubbing he was doing to my pussy a few minutes ago, which turned me on. The most dangerous piece of information he gave me that night, was that…he knew exactly what he was doing the night before, when he attacked me sexually, backing me into the wall, rubbing my pussy and pushing his ‘hard on’ to my crotch

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Yuki yoshida
Meeee next
Darth vader
Those are hentai titties in real life
Akane isshiki
Ffs he probably gave her uti hope she can find better opportunities at sex work