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#171990 - Fortune replied, my husband is a minister, and he leaves all of this kind of thing to me, he is much to busy at church to be bothered with the running of the household!!! Dan stared at her for a second, thinking to himself that never in his thirty seven years had he ever seen a pastor's wife that looked anything like Miranda Fortune! Dan quickly came back to reality and proceeded to go over the details of the system he thought would take care of protecting their home. This was his chance, he leaned around the corner and announced, I'm going upstairs to make one final check, I'll just be a few minutes, and after giving him a fast look and a nod, she went back to her conversation, while not giving him a second thought! Dan fairly bounded up the stairs, but instead of checking the upstairs entry points, he went straight to the master bedroom where he opened up a wall vent that was next to the ceiling and quick as a flash installed the micro camera and microphone and di

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