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#230925 - I got in my car and my bodyguard drove, my men were getting the stuff. p whispered 45 min boss I said ok good I rose my voice higher and said now watch I whistled and my men brought out a woman cop she had filthy blonde hair and b cup breasts with blue eyes tan legs not an overly large ass but good enough ithen said let her go they put her down and I said mam you've been bad haven't you she spat at me and my head started hurting I focused only at her and felt into her mind and went into her mental stability I heard he thoughts say damn no cops know im here im in serious trouble I forced her mind to behave to me then I said out loud piss yourself she got beet red but I saw her jeens get wet wetter then It went down her jeans she looked down in embarrassment men were impressed. where do you thing we are I ,chuckled? I had brought thiss man over the border because when we were illegally trafficking some things his cartel hit us and stole our stuff I being the godfather had

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