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#143639 - Once stopped Melinda turned to face Kiki and offered with cold fury, “If you don’t want to be part of my life get out right now, otherwise do as you’re told when you’re told!!!” Tears quickly welled up in they young woman’s eyes as she replied haltingly, “I- I’m sorry Mz. “I’d get up to meet you, but as you can see I’m momentarily disposed!” And that was an understatement!!! At that very moment Vanna was having her extremely hairy pussy licked to ecstasy by her cute little fuck toy!” “Oh don’t get up for me!” Melinda teased. With Paula’s massive breasts bouncing wildly with each plunge the other mistresses had by now guided their pets back to their own steaming vaginas for another session of oral devotion! Melinda took a place along side her poor little pet and after caressing her cheek offered a nipple to help calm her down! Kiki wasn’t quite sure when, but at some point during Big Paula’s assault the pain slowly began turning to pleasure! With each passing stroke Kiki began savo

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Good girl
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Fantasm for me
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