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#12839 - I don’t know pop, it's illegal to eat panda's Ranma said while sitting at the table to enjoy a little more of roasted girl Ranma, “Illegal to roast panda’s?” Akane said, “Why isn’t it illegal to roast girls?” She added but got no answer while Kasume started to clear away the dishes and Soan packed the rest of the uneaten meat into a large freezer for the week ahead, after Ranma's dinner he went upstairs to take a bath, Ranma filled the tub and jumped in, Wow that’s cold brrrr he said shivering in the cold, But im not a girl he added looking down at his cold shrunken cock and balls. P-Chan's eye's grew wide when he heard the word tenderizing he jumped out of Akane's arms, P-CHAN Akane called but he was already down the hall and out of sight, What’s gotten in to him Akane thought as she went up to her room, P-Chan ducked into the bathroom at the end of the hall and found a tub full of hot water and jumped in. Ranma Walked over to her and wh

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