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#74692 - She felt so tight and so wonderful I couldn't hardly wait to slide all the way in her! After a min or so she again told me to continue so I pushed more of myself in, again she said for me to stop, and asked if it were all the way in now. I looked into Selina's eyes as she raised herself up and slammed down onto my cock again, I couldn't believe it I was all the way in her God it felt so good !! I must have had a strange look on my face as She asked me if I was alright? I just said It's In !! she replied isn't that what you wanted ? So fuck me and lifted up till she only had my head in her and slid down again. She kept after me and finally just came out and asked me why I didn't want to go out with her?? What could I say I tried to tell her she wasn't my type etc etc but she knew better as she told me she noticed that I often checked her out.

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Eina tulle
That dick is something else wow
Her voice is adorable af