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#5447 - Tiffany couldn’t see what Angela was pulling out of the bag, but she felt something metallic at the crown of her head and suddenly heard a loud buzzing and felt a vibration move down the back of her scalp as she realized what was happening. “Well” She grabbed Mercedes’ shoulder and rubbed her pussy against the slave’s leg, dragging the three pieces of metal against it and leaving behind a stripe of moisture and two small spots of blood. “You better not have cum yet” she scorned Peter “No, mistress” She leaned up against the frame that held Mercedes, pointing her ass out at Peter while lowering her eyebrow seductively, beckoning with her fingers.

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This was ok she a little too stiff for me though
Very beautiful your slender body
Luca trulyworth
Does edging count as a nut
Star sapphire
One of the best 100 bucks you ever spent