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#129297 - His brother went to his room and Gail to her room, we talked a bit about how hot his friend was, she had started getting boobs and we were just talking guy stuff, making ourselfs horny, which later on I wish we wouldnt have. He swallowed every drop that I had even licking me clean, when he finnished he slid up and I turned away from him thinking what the hell, was i Gay, no, I didnt do anything, I liked girls, but I liked it and it felt so damn good, thinking all these thoughts i fell asleep. While she is saying that I felt Rusty line up behind me and forced his meat stick in me, I felt like I had been split open, he didnt even go slow like Dustin did, the pain was way more than Dustin, I felt like I had been split open, he started fucking me like a rabbit, thats when I felt Gail crawl under me and put my dick in her mouth, as he is ramming my tore up ass Gail is giving me a blowjob, I felt him start to cum and I ended up cumming in Gails mouth, Rusty then pulled out of me and start

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She is gorgeous
Rei shingetsu
Watching him cum inside of her made me cry they fucked so good it made me cry
Marbet fingerhat
She looks like dua lipa