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#132283 - The thrusting continued pounding her faster than I ever have before till I felt my cock tense up I told her im getting close I withdrew my cock from out of her pussy and held her mouth open while jerking my cock fast spraying my cum in her mouth some drops hiting the lower half of her face and as she always did she swallowed my cum I heard the gulp noise as it travelled down her throat the load wasn’t as big as the giant load I blew earlier but still bigger than the normal loads shes use to swallowing. I fucked Amy in the ass harder and harder and pulled out aiming my cock at her happily open awaiting hungry mouth and shot my final load of the day in her mouth blasting her tounge with my creamy cum. I led Amy into the shower and stood there naked with her holding her in my arms before having my lips meet with hers making a passionate kiss under the hot running water in some way I could call it romantic I did always feel a connection with her just not enough for a committed relation

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Pqp que menina gostosa
Shu itsuki
Every time i try telling a guy that i want to peg them they stop talking to me where can i meet guys who like this is there a place where y all meet up smh
Misaki suzuhara
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