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#137486 - I came outta the room and both kevin and scott sat there naked i looked at scott then back at kevin what the fuck is going on here? like really whay are you both naked and not all shy about it? cuz my dear kevin and i have done this before and now we wont you to be part of our little group thing we have kevin got up and took my top and jeans off to only find i didnt have anthing underneath. i no my grammer and spelling isnt the best but its the story that counts is it not? my first threesome i was 18 at the time just moved back to my home town with my father, he interdosed me to the rest of my family that i had never met, well i did but when i was just a baby anyway, a cuple months after i started to chill with these 2 guys but i didnt no what to do cuz both of them were my bestfriends for a long time but at the same time were like my play mates. about 10 mintues or so after i was moaning and groning for more i wanted more he stoped pulled out and went to h

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Fuck the voice changer man wtf you ruin it