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#257606 - About 30 minutes later Lewis and James turned up, with another couple of young guys, no sooner had they walked in and saw the women getting fucked, they stripped and tired to find a hole to fuck, I sucked Lewis and bent over in front of him to take my first cock for the night, his big cock felt great going in, my orgasm soon followed, it was then I saw John looking at us, not sure of what to do, his cock still in Lyn's ass, as Lewis took to mine. I saw the look in his eyes, and moved my hand to wank his semi stiff cock, he didn't move as it grew in my hand, then after he was fully hard, I went down sucking him, again he didn't move his cock stayed hard and responded to my mouth, after 5 minutes or so, he was nearly ready to blow, but not yet, as I turned, lined his cock up, and slowly slid down onto him, if he pushed me away no problem, but he let me dropped fully onto his cock. No sooner had they released her, then she was filled by two more cocks as she sucke

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Ayame yomokawa
Why would a girl so beautiful do that to her body she would look so much better in school tights maybe white or pink panties
Masane amaha
But what the under wear a thong at least