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#391562 - When my dick was covered with her saliva she took the head in her mouth and rolled it over her tongue tasting my salty precum, she couldn't take my whole dick in her mouth but she bobbed her her head up and down taking at least the first 4 inches, I couldn't take it, my balls screamed and tightened and I felt myself erupt and pour the most amount of cum I've ever came in my life. I woke up with my head down as I heard many people enter the class room and eventually the late bell, I didn't bother looking up, I sat in the back of the crowded classroom in the last row, the class I was in wasn't that boring but even with 20+ people in the class, I didn't find any of the girls attractive. I began to message her breasts lifting them and working my way around the nipple which I could feel hard through her shirt, I couldn't resist anymore I pulled her shirt up, she took my cue and leaned up and unfastened her bra, her silky blue bra feel away to show me two

Read Tight Pussy Fuck Maid Kyouiku. 2 - Original Rabuda Maid Kyouiku. 2

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