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#113768 - I wiped what cum that was covering my shaft over her bum cheeks then put my cock away, l heard Vicky say “that was a knee trembler” then stood upright to adjust her clothing and we left the alley to make our way home. Syd was sat watching Vicky twist and convulse on my arm, l could see he was eager to take his turn, so sliding my arm from her gaping hole, l told him to try and no sooner was my hand out then he was easing his fist up inside Vicky’s waiting pussy, she kept her back arched, the further Syd slid his fist into my sister the louder her cries of ecstasy became, Vicky screamed “l want a cock, l want a cock” as Syd increased the rhythm of his fist fucking. Vicky inquired what l meant by submissive so l explained she would have to do what l wanted without question and gave her an example, she was to take her knickers off then get on all fours lift her dress over her big round arse because l wanted to fuck her, she got to her feet slid out of her knickers and got on all fours,

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