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#196059 - From an early age I found it easy to make friends, even kids in class’s below mine, would come up to say hello and hang about with me, even thought I didn’t have a clue who they were. I asked what she wanted to play “Kiss chase” she replied with a smile across her young face, I wasn’t shore, but John said he had more or less promised Kelly we could play. Sitting on the floor with her legs up and open a little I saw Kelly hadn’t put her knickers on and my spunk was running down her legs, she had Susan sat beside her, she then asked Susan if she knew how to play mommy, “I think so” “Well I had better tell you” Kelly went on to tell Susan she had to have a shower with daddy, then go to bed, she then had to play with daddies penis and kiss and suck it, then daddy would kiss and suck her pussy, after which she was to help daddy put his penis into her pussy.

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