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#270634 - Bonnie: «You are just jealous that you don’t get such a big cock as I do, and why do you always have to wait till we have left before you starts to shower, are you hiding something? Maybe you actually are a she male or something like that, or maybe you don’t shave? or are you just too afraid to be naked in front of others?” Tara: “well ye Kim If you maybe started to get go in the shower faster you would also be finish sooner and we all have more time” Kim: “Fuck you Boonie, and ok today I will go in the shower when everyone else has showered and a shower is free, so let’s finish off. When Kim heard them she turned around screaming and trying to cover herself, but not before Brock and Tom had gotten a look at the nice b-cup breast and the shaved cunt of Kim. That way if Shego or anyone else tried breaking in and attack Kim Wade could see it and get help.

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So so so beautiful