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#98983 - All drug dealers got sentenced to life in prison for charges of sexual assault drug dealing and for having sex with a minor, Sandra's now ex boyfriend got sentenced to 10 years for sexual assault/rape his sentenced was cut to 10 years because he was only 17 and not 18 till next year, Sandra's mother was sent to a rehab center followed by a 30 year to life jail sentence but Sandra on the other hand had no other family around her town she was due to be sent to a foster home but then the most thoughtfull thing happened Brenda's mother offered to adopt her and raise her as her own Brenda's mother had no bad history had a clean record she passed easily all she had to do was fill out a few papers Brenda hugged her straight away with tears of joy thanking her. Sandra striped out of her clothes and took a nice warm shower and rinsed all the blood,shit and cum of her body and fixed her hair and makeup, once she came out of the shower Brenda's mother had

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