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#134240 - I couldn't believe it, I was almost sick with the feeling of fear, she knew, how long had she known, was she gonna tell mom!! Late into the night I lay in my bed, those lil faded red an white panties under my pillow, just tryin to summon up the courage to sneak them back to the laundry basket, readin an rereading her txt, I was so scared but confused, she knew but didn't seem mad or grossed out at all, all I could think to do was avoid her forever!!! Early in the mornin I was up an outta der, I spent the entire just wanderin around town an wasting time an money, about 10pm I decided it was safe to sneak back home knowin Rach would be out wit her friends, not daring to go anywhere near the wash basket I sluked off to bed an began planing tomorrows strategy to avoid her.

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