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#178222 - The little girl had already been bathed and was in her pyjamas, and before the girls left at around 9pm the baby was sleeping and had been put to bed, a baby monitor placed on the table in front of us would alert us to any needs she might have if she woke up. I just could not get the image of Stevie’s cock out of my head and that just sent the blood rushing to my own dick, I was leaking precum as I gently massaged my hard member through my nylon shorts, I so wanted to wank again, but as the man had said keep it for later he wanted to taste it, it was going to be hard in more ways than one. My head was buzzing, my dick was hard, I lay there on top of my bed just smiling away to myself, had anyone came into my room at that moment they would have thought I was half daft.

Read Butt Sex Lucifer no Musume - Lucifer's Sister. Trans Lucifer no Musume - Lucifer's Sister.

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