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#183216 - Hank was a man on a mission and already he was a partner in the firm he joined out of college. Even after five years of marriage Apolonia still got a thrill when her husband entered a room, and she often wondered how many wives could say that!?! Being a good Catholic girl of strict Italian parents, everyone was shocked when she up and married Hank, a tall black man from the west coast! Her mother cried her eyes out upon receiving the news, but Apie, as her father called her, was adamant and even though it hurt her parents deeply, married her college sweetheart the day after he graduated from law school! As the years passed, even Apie's mother had to admit that Hank was a good husband to her ?daughter while providing her with all of the creature comforts anyone could possibly want. The relentless mouth attached to her breasts was making her vagina leak like a sieve, and she unconsciously crossed and uncrossed her legs while trying to put pressure on her throbbing clitoris! Whi

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Ryuunosuke fujinami
Such an amazing sexy mouth and tongue