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#131108 - So that that Sally could hear every word of the conversation, several of her fantasy's about wanting to have her pussy sucked and her ass whipped and that she wants to be gang raped by as many well endowed black men as possible, lots of them, and to make sure these fantasy's of hers all came true! I also told him to make sure and video tape everything especially as each big cock stretches that pussy of hers! I want to see a close up of her face when that 12 black cock and his pubic hair, and hers meet! Then tell him to give me a call when he/they are done with her! Whether it is later that evening the next morning or after several days with him and his young horny black friends! He, this man winks at me, and goes on to say, he might not give her back, and that maybe he just might keep her as naked sex slave and pimp her out to his friends! This comment scares the shit out of her, and is intended to do so! I the give her a kiss and a loving pat on her bare bottom tellin

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Dirk strider
That bitch in blue dress is such a slut lol
Doppo kannonzaka
Wish that was my cock