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#47008 - One morning Yuko woke up nude in Xandra's bed having spent all night between each other legs and found that Xandra's computer was on, Yuko moved over to the desk hoping to find some nude pictures or videos of woman like she had downloaded at home, only to find that Xandra's pictures and video's were much more then just lesbian sex, there were pictures of young girls Yuko's age and a little older in various stages of mutilation and death, being held down and slaughtered like animals or having a steel spit shoved up a young girls pussy until it came out of her mouth, Yuko watched the videos and pictures for a long time before she realized Xandra had woke up and come up behind her. As the night passed Yuko was getting more exited by the second and Xandra was having a harder time pulling her back from the scenes of the girls being spitted or hung, I wanna try that Yuko said to Xandra as they were staring at six dead girls hung from the gallows, If you go up

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