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#145399 - Rick went off to bring their car over to our site, Sue happy to talk about her feelings during her anal sex fuck, told us that when they swung before the other couple were only into straight sex, no kink, no doggy or kissing, and although she enjoyed it, knew she wanted more. I fucked her like that for awhile, then moved sneaking our other toys out of the wardrobe, Sue saw me but didn't ask, then I told her to take several good sniffs of the poppers, she did and our big dildo found her ass lips ready and open, Sue jumped by the size of the toy going up her ass, but soon more and more slide in, now some 6 inches had found its way in and she was began to loosen up, now with more poppers Sue was ready, I held her waist, told her to take several more good sniffs, then with one good hard push I ruined her ass forever, 12 inches of dildo went in, her body shook at the intrusion of such a large toy, but to her credit she held firm, then her orgasm hit and boy did she go wild, jumping and

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Hazumu osaragi
I know a girl who looks just like her without tattoos and shes 19
Jyuto iruma
I luv it
Red saber
Un cuerpo muy rico y riquisima follada