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#286692 - Meanwhile the class had arrived at a vase that was found in the jungles of Brazil in a old Aztec temple the teacher a well good looking lady at the age of 50 was explaining that there rests a curse on the vase everybody who says the words written on the vase will get cursed by the gods . I need to borrow some money I'm going out and mom won't give it to me she said as she stood in the doorway why should I give you money ? You hate me and I hate you he said as he looked down her body laurien was a good looking with a nice pair of C cup tits and round heart shaped ass and her long lovely blond hair in a pony tail Because you are a nerd and don't need that money she said as James started to consider to test the ring on her he decided to start slowly with some demands . He always was a shy boy that never had the strength to talk to his crush Lisa or other girls .

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