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#380700 - ‘You are on holiday…to ski?’ she asked, ‘yes’ I replied… she had moved closer, the noise was seriously deafening…. I sat down on one of the chairs… and sighed as I watched as she carefully began to towel dry her long, black, silken, locks of hair, she was amazing and I was fixed by her smile. I awoke suddenly, shit I was burning up!!! damn, I must have fallen asleep; my throat was dry and it felt like I was choking, I slowly lifted my head and at the same time swung my legs around and down to reach the lower level, hardly opening my eyes which seemed glued together, my feet landed on something soft, smooth skin…shit! “ Err… I’m sorry” I blurted out, as I realizing my feet had landed on someone….

Read Cum Swallow ふたなりおちんぽ奉仕部 Japanese ふたなりおちんぽ奉仕部

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