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#347326 - Ok then, I aim and slam in one thrust I’m balls deep in her cunt, I watch as each thrust makes her grunt and her fat arse cheeks wobble like jelly. She still had hold of my now growing cock “fuck me you’re a big boy, have I made it grow like that? I want it and you can put it where you like” come on I thought, now I’m pretty content with fucking pussy or getting a blowjob, but getting a girl to let you fuck her arse, especially if your pretty big is very hard, it’s why I go for older women, and I love the dirtiness of fucking a women’s arse. As the drinks flowed the conversation stopped being about family and the past and more naughty, we kissed and as we did she grabbed my cock through my jeans and whispered “is this for me tonight” I thought too fucking right it is, beer goggles on and pretty pissed and horny “it’s yours if you want it, where do you want it?” I whispered in her ear as I grabbed a handful of her fat arse.

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Sonoko suzuki
Ugh i wish i had a big one
Mmm delicious fresh creamy fur pie
Ritsu kageyama
Why didn t you just fuck her ass instead cuz that s kinda gay bro