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#276443 - I went and gave harvey a kiss and said im off to see brit bye babe when i arrived at brits house i knocked on the door and she answered in tears i said whats wrong? my mum is kicking me out because i did'nt get into college o wow i'm sorry brit i got my cell out of my pocket and rang harvey when he answered i said babe i have something to ask you harvey said what is it babe? can brit move in with us? i don't see why not thanks babe i love you i love you too babe now i'm off the the gym bye bye babe i told brit to have her bags packed by 5 tonight and i will pick her up. i think i should go bye bella i'm sorry harvey i'm sorry it's okay babe she will get over it but i have something i have to tell you go on harvey moved about a metre out of my arms reach sit down harvey said so i did as he said first let me say im sorry i gave a weak smile and said sorry for what? harvey took a very big deep breath in and o

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You truly are a goddess
Akito himenokouji
I would love to clean her up with my tongue
Ao fukai
She was really in pain i see the water in her eyes fucking them is one thing but hurtling them no i want do that
Got me so horny
Too little too late but then again neither grian nor mumbo felt like voting for mumbo soooo