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#131568 - Emma now knew that she bit off more then she could chew, she would run out of money quite quickly, she was walking through the dark streets of london at about one in the morning, when two people came out of no where, hi there sexy, you selling, she stared at them, to naive to fully understand, sensing this one of them laughed, are you selling sex for money, are you a prositute, now repulsed she looked at them, no, course not, they both smiled, aw well its for the best i hate paying for sex, we will just have to take you for free, they grabbed her arms and she screamed only to be slapped, suddenly she was not seing these two strangers instaed she was seing her parents hitting her and forcing there hands under her cloths, this illushion soon dissapeared at there voices, tits are amazing, can not wait to cum all over them, Emma tried to get free but was pushed to the floor and felt a hand reach for her panties which were soon moved aside, a long finger forced its way into her p

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