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#24580 - Soon Vera was naked from the waist up, Anne was naked from the waist down so I turned to Barbara 'I would like you to strip off completely and come over her and suck my cock' in what seemed like a few seconds Babs (as she liked to be called) was naked and knelt between my legs, she took my now pulsing cock in both hands and slipped the still wet knob into her mouth 'Aaah that?good, go on Babs suck me' I groaned, she was good, one of the best cock suckers I had ever had, she flicked her tongue around the rim of my helmet and slid most of my length into her mouth. I knew that I couldn?last much longer like this and I desperately wanted to sample all 3 of the lovely cunts I had around me, 'Ok ladies its cock time? shouted ?want you all to kneel on the settee?I stepped down off the settee and waited, soon I couldn?believe what I was seeing 3 of my Moms best friends were kneeling on the settee, all begging for my cock. Eventually I slumped onto the settee and just

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