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#349526 - Dr. Then she pulls him into the car, puts both the seats down, puts the parking brake up and mounts it while Thaxter sits in the backseat stark naked watching her ride the parking brake masturbating for him in the parking garage inside her car he pulls and twists her nipples making her cry out louder and louder begging for more after that was over they went back to his apartment in Hell's Kitchen where he was born and raised. After he finishes with her dripping wet pussy he says Now that my pole's greased you wanna clean it off? and she replies Your not gonna kill me? No not yet anyway I'll make you into something better he replies rubbing his saturated cock for her and she watches and licks her lips and says Cum a little for me big boy and I'll clean your pole she answers tearing off her top and kneeling before his giant cock at which point he is jerking off and in fact does cum a little and she moans and takes it into her mouth bobbing her head an

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