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#297127 - I had quite a bit to drink that night , so I was really able to hold back a bit as Carol had multiple orgasms while Jim and I fucked her,I was again screwing her cum filled cunt when Carol yelled out as her final orgasm erupted and her fanny juice shot out over my balls, running down into her crack I shot off a huge load of come as Carol wrapped her legs around me and I soaked my prick in Jim's and her pussy juices. The rest of the weekend ,she said, was spent serving drinks and generally looking after the bosses clients and she had worn the red dress she had on that first time with Jim as he had asked and the three men there had commented on how nice she looked and felt her up as she handed out drinks etc. What a fantastic stud he is, and knowing that he has now fucked me and Carol, gives me a feeling of utter perverted delight and I am so thankful to him for changing our sex life from so, so, to fucking brilliant.

Read Fucking Hajimete no Netorare Maso-ka Choukyou 6 - Original Assfucked Hajimete no Netorare Maso-ka Choukyou 6

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