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#68502 - “A couple years ago actually, I was good but girls got bored with me so I was drinking underage and Cassandra found me in the parking lot of an upscale place Dad doesn’t know about hammered with a fake ID. I am looking at being gone after this school year ends,” it’s mostly true, I have been planning to be out of the house this school year. “Nobody is taking your case, with no new evidence and no leads that we were able to pan out into anything that would point to a solid identity of your attacker the case is being relegated to cold case,” Detective Escalante informs me and I have to think about it.

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Nino nakano
Sinayang nila yung pelikula hindi sinunod yung sa libro the next harry potter yun e
Yuutarou kindaichi
Amazing skills
Kazuya saotome
Thank you shooting more next week