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#63789 - yes i know what you are think what a bad name for a family but what you don't know is that this two were the oldest on the planet at the age of 500 years old they had both meet in the great war of 2050. Jack and Lucie were sent to get the box but unbeknownst to them the empress and the emperor both knew that they would meet in hope that they would kill each other but something happened instead of kill each other they fell in love. The man steeped up to Lucie, lets take this time to describe Lucie she was about 5ft 8 with long black hair, slender frame, big boobs and was tanned, as the man get closer to Lucie she can smell hes been drinking and it was not a pleasant smell even for an Umbra which have higher sense so to you ir would smell sick like but to Lucie it smelled like he claimed out of a dumpster walker over to a junk yard round around in the dirt them toke a shower with alcohol it was that unpleasant as he got close she heard him say that their was another like her but h

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